Egg peeling machine

  • Egg peeling machine

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Model: LM062/LM063
Capacity: 300kg/h, 250kg/h
Power: 0.55kw/1.5kw
Dimension(mm): 1100*510*1100/1150*700*920

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Egg peeling machine is used for peeling boiled hen eggs automatically. It can remove eggshell in high efficiency and low breakage. This egg peeling machine can be used in egg processing production line or used alone.
We can also supply the whole line of egg boiling and peeling for you. This egg peeling line has the following working process.
Boiling hen eggs→Puncturing eggs→Cooling and Peeling eggs→Conveying to container.

This egg peeling machine is the best choice for making boiled quail eggs, spiced eggs, Iron eggs, Red painted egg etc. People only need to cook this egg ripe, then cooling them. After cooling, you had better put them into the shell-breaking machine to break their shell. After breaking the shell, then put these eggs into the decorticating-machine. It is made of stainless-steel and suitable for egg processing enterprises.

1. This machine has high shelling rate, low damage rate. The whole machine is made of stainless steel.
2. It has special design, compact structure, beauty and utility.
3. Automatically send the shell, and easily to clear.

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  • Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw)
    LM-062 1100*510*1100 70 300 0.55
    LM-063 1150*700*920 80 150 1.5

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